Restaurant Review – Ayo Van Elmar Fashion Cafe.

Hey guys! As promised my review of Ayo Van Elmar is here ❤️. There are many restaurants in Lagos and fashion outlets but I found this one interesting because it's a combination of both. Actually discovered it on instagram by chance sometime in 2017 but I kept putting it off until last Saturday. Read all … Continue reading Restaurant Review – Ayo Van Elmar Fashion Cafe.


Bye June! (Highlights)

Hey guys! I know I've been off for the longest, y'all need to forgive me. My disappearance was due to the fact that I personalized my site address and for some reason it took a lot of time to set up. Also I've hardly had any time for myself and blogging due to some reasons … Continue reading Bye June! (Highlights)

Restaurant Review- Food Shack

Hey guys! Yesterday i visited Food shack with my friend Ifeoma of and we decided to do a joint review at the same time. Now although I’ve mentioned Food shack to be one of my favorite places previously, I still felt like a proper review was needed because I keep getting a lot of … Continue reading Restaurant Review- Food Shack

Freedom Park Lagos (My experience).

Hey guys! Today I'm talking about my day at Freedom Park (yes, I took a break from restaurants). So usually I do not visit places weekdays but on Wednesday I decided to spice up my week by adding a quick outing to my busy schedule. Classes got cancelled and I was meant to meet up … Continue reading Freedom Park Lagos (My experience).

Restaurant Review:- Craft Gourmet by Lou Baker.

Hey guys! Thanks for joining me today! I'm so sorry I disappeared for some time, I've been trying to get settled in school, as it's a new session but all that has been settled and I'll strive to be more consistent. Now because I love you all soo much I decided to do a review … Continue reading Restaurant Review:- Craft Gourmet by Lou Baker.

My favorite outings of 2017!

Hey guys! How are you all doing? Thanks for taking time out to visit my blog today!So I'm sharing my favorite outings of this year with y'all and I must say I had a hard time deciding but let's go! 1) My visit to Nike Art Gallery:- Guyss this place is amaze balls. Honestly speaking … Continue reading My favorite outings of 2017!