Restaurant Review- Cafè Jade.

Hi guys! So yesterday I visited Cafè Jade for the first time (after procrastinating for about four months, sigh). Since my updated blog started functioning on Wednesday finally, I decided to visit somewhere new and get my vibe back as it's been so long. I love everything about this place , well except the pasta … Continue reading Restaurant Review- Cafè Jade.


Restaurant Review- Food Shack

Hey guys! Yesterday i visited Food shack with my friend Ifeoma of and we decided to do a joint review at the same time. Now although I’ve mentioned Food shack to be one of my favorite places previously, I still felt like a proper review was needed because I keep getting a lot of … Continue reading Restaurant Review- Food Shack

#Arthunting – The Studio art gallery by Poly Alakija.

Hey Everyone! First off I have to apologize for the extremely long break I took from blogging. Exams happened and as much as I wanted to multitask I just had to give it my full attention. Honestly can’t wait to be done with uni sigh. Anyway I’m back at visiting great locations in Lagos and … Continue reading #Arthunting – The Studio art gallery by Poly Alakija.

Introducing my #photoseries category!

Hi guys! Welcome to my first photo series. So I'm exploring all sections of what I love and I've decided to put up some photo series every now and then. Yeah that's simply more photos and less talks (incase you're wondering what it entails). If you follow me on Instagram (@whitneynwafor if you're not btw), … Continue reading Introducing my #photoseries category!

My #beachssentials ( 12 essentials for the perfect beach day).

One of my favorite ways of easing stress is by going to the beach. Unlike my teenage days (when I used to go to the beach with my family members, take pictures, have lunch and then go home), my beach days have now become more intentional. I bear it in mind that I’m going solely … Continue reading My #beachssentials ( 12 essentials for the perfect beach day).

Freedom Park Lagos (My experience).

Hey guys! Today I'm talking about my day at Freedom Park (yes, I took a break from restaurants). So usually I do not visit places weekdays but on Wednesday I decided to spice up my week by adding a quick outing to my busy schedule. Classes got cancelled and I was meant to meet up … Continue reading Freedom Park Lagos (My experience).

Restaurant Review- The Artisan Lagos.

Hey everyone! Today I'm going to be sharing my experience at The Artisan Lagos with you all. This review has been a long time coming and it's quite puzzling how I've never written a proper review on this place when it's actually one of my top 10 places in Lagos. I've been here a couple … Continue reading Restaurant Review- The Artisan Lagos.

Restaurant Review – Samantha’s Bistro And Grill.

Hey everyone! Happy international women's day! (yes, it's not over to me). So yesterday my friend Susan and I decided to check Samantha's bistro and grill out. I've been wanting to visit this place for sometime now and although I was a bit disappointed, I'm glad I finally ticked it off my list. Scroll down … Continue reading Restaurant Review – Samantha’s Bistro And Grill.

I found a home in The House Lagos. (Review)

Hey everyone! Hope everyone is doing fine? So your girl officially found her best spot in Lagos last weekend. Now I had been longing to visit this place because it had a serene look from their Instagram page but somehow I kept putting it off. Even on Friday when I finally visited it was totally … Continue reading I found a home in The House Lagos. (Review)

Restaurant Review: Crust And Cream.

Happy new week everyone! Hope everyone's off to a good start? I don't know about you but I definitely am! So as promised I have the review of the second restaurant I visited last week. It's Crust and Cream and oh do I love this place ❤️. If you're a fan of sweet tasting things … Continue reading Restaurant Review: Crust And Cream.