#31DayWritingChallenge (Day 12) : 5 blessings in my life.

We all have so many blessings in form of people, things e.t.c (shout out to God) but since they asked for five, I’ll quickly list them:

1) Good health : I mean I fall sick every now and then but overall I’m fine and I count that as a major blessing. If you don’t know how blessed you are to be in a normal health state, please realize that now.

2) Access to Food, Clothing and Shelter : These are the most basic things but hey a lot of people lack them so I don’t take this privilege for granted.

3) A loving family: Having a good family is really everything and I consider myself very blessed to have one.

4) A vision: You never know how lucky you are to know what you want until you meet someone who absolutely doesn’t know what he/she wants. Having a hustle is a blessing. I’m very aware of this hence my reason for mentioning it.

5) Good friends: I have the best support system and I can only thank God for that type of blessing.

Side Note: Never take the little things for granted. Realize how blessed you are to have them. Take a moment to think of life without these things and thank Him for giving them to you.

On that note , share 5 of your blessings in the comments section?

Thanks for joining me today, have a great night! 💛

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