#31DayWritingChallenge (Day 11) : Something I always think “what if” about.

Hi guys! Sorry i missed out on yesterday’s post. I’m strugglinggg with this challenge lmao! It’s been the most hectic week and quite frankly it’s been hard squeezing out the energy to write but we move haha.

So yesterday I was meant to talk about something I always think “what if” about and this is it:

What if I never achieve my career goals ?

This is something that comes to my mind every now and then. Well it’s really my only “What If” because I try to remain super positive and without doubts about everything.

However I can’t help this particular “What if” and I think it’s a major case of wanting something to the extent of developing negative thoughts about it.

So that’s it! What are your “what ifs”? Share in the comments section!

Have a great evening.

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