#31DayWritingChallenge (Day 6) : 5 Ways To Win My Heart.

Hi guys! So I missed Day 6 of my challenge because my phone decided to be a drama queen and get faulty before I could draft my post. Anyway I’ve decided to put it up regardless so scroll down to read five ways you can win my heart just in case you’ve been wondering xo

1) Be consistent: I love people who are true to their words and stick by my side no matter what. It’s really the easiest way to win me over. It’s so easy for people to say they’re going to be there for you but not everyone can follow up on that so I definitely develop a soft spot for people who show that type of consistency. If you’re going to be a good partner or friend, be good at all times and not good today, bad tomorrow.

2) Be romantic: I’m a hopeless romantic so one quick way to win me over is by being romantic really lol.

3) Be hardworking: I’m sooo attracted to people who work hard for what they want. I don’t even know why but I’m automatically attracted to people I see working hard and doing their thing.

4) Be attractive: While physical attributes aren’t everything, I’m a sucker for people who clean up nice. I love me a person who knows how to make himself/herself look good. Even better is when the person has a great personality to match.

5) Be thoughtful : Thoughtful implies a lot of things like knowing the type of things to not say to people, knowing how to treat people e.t.c It’s very easy to get deceived by other attributes like the ones listed above but in the long run a thoughtful partner or friend is always the best because of what use is being goodlooking or hardworking but he/she can’t check up on you when you’re sick or can’t be bothered if the people around him/her are sad or can’t think up ideas to solve any single problem or can’t care what the outcome of a statement can be? Hmm sounds not good.

So that’s all about that! What are the ways to steal your hearts because I’m trying to steal the heart of everyone of you following me on my journey! Share in the comments section and have a great evening xx.

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