#31DayWritingChallenge (Day 4) : Someone Who Inspires Me.

Hi guys! It’s Day 4 of my #31DayWritingChallenge and for today I’m meant to write about someone who inspires me.

Well truth be told I have a lot of mentors as regards the person I’m hoping to become. Although I look up to various celebrities in respect to entrepreneurship, fashion e.t.c , I also get my inspiration from my zeal to be the best version of myself (I know i can’t afford to slack off and that’s my biggest push/inspiration really) . Also I get inspired by seeing the people around me handle different situations in amazing ways. I read stories about random people on the internet and get inspired too..there’s inspiration everywhere for me really guys.

Anyway I’ve put up photos of 3 hardworking women who inspire me and never stop at out doing themselves. Can you guess one of them asap? 🙂

Kylie Jenner – A multi billion company at 21, of course she tops my list!

Laura Jade Stone – She’s effortlessly stylish and serves me major travel goals! Everyone’s go-to for casual yet chic fashion 💛

Beyonce – One word; BLACK EXCELLENCE. Beyonce serves me major life goals from her career level to her fight for equality and personal style too!

That’s all for today’s post! Tell me what attributes you think a mentor should have & some of your mentors in the comments section!

Have a great evening xx

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