5 Shopping Tips For Fashion Lovers

Hey guys! Today I’m sharing some shopping tricks every lady looking to not overspend on clothes should know. Now if you are a fashion lover, you would agree with me that some purchases were totally not worth it and going down memory lane, these were some of the reasons we bought them:

1) It was a trend.

2) Someone rocked it and we fell in love.

3) It was selling at a giveaway price.

4) It looked really nice at the time.

5) It was the perfect finish to an outfit we imagined.

Well those are the biggest shopping traps we fall into and although sometimes we can’t win this “fight” (lmao), I’ve shared some tips to bear in mind if you’re trying to look good without overspending. See them below!

1) Buy pieces you can restyle: While it’s tempting to shop high end looking pieces, sometimes the regular basics are all you need to make your wardrobe serve you at all times. Think of it this way; a really glamorous top looks really nice and catchy but that piece can’t be worn just anywhere while a basic top would look really nice as well and all I can think of is the five other ways for five other occasions one can rock it. Not saying you should never buy super flashy pieces, but if you’re looking to not have to go shopping for every different occasion then ya know.

2) Be versatile in your choices: When shopping, it’s essential to pick as many different types of clothing as your money can afford. Of what point is it to buy five similar tees when you can buy a t-shirt and four other types of tops? Remember the whole point is to not have to shop every single time so it’s better to shop various pieces for various occasions.

3) Scout for best prices: This is a sure way of getting a good buy. Whenever I want to purchase an item I check a couple of guaranteed sites and settle for any within my budget. I started doing this after seeing cases where people complained about buying something at an outrageous price only to see the exact same thing for an affordable price.

4) Pick timeless pieces: Now a lot of people might not know this but it’s very possible to move with the trends and still shop only timeless pieces. For example, plain pieces can always be styled with other trending pieces and will always be there to serve you at all times. So always pick the items you deem timeless.

5) Do not exceed your shopping budget: Guys it’s no use reading this post if you’re gonna apply the first four rules and then break this one! It’s important to not exceed your budget otherwise you would be spending so much on clothes and you already know that’s a no.

So those are my five golden rules for shopping! Have you ever bought an item for an absurd reason? What was it? (I’d love to know!)

Thanks for joining me today guys! Here are my outfit details:

Pants: Random seller at Lagos Island market.

Top: Atmosphere

Sunglasses: My store, @eyecessoriesng on Instagram.

Shoes: Lagos Island market too.

Bracelets: My store, @flairethelabel on Instagram.

Ring: Max store.

Lippy: Mac cosmetics.

And that’s it! Found this fun/useful? Don’t forget to follow!xxx

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