Challenges As An Entrepreneur, Ways I Combat Them And Helpful Phone Apps.

Hey guys! Today I’m being a bit upclose and sharing some of the challenges I faced when I first started my brand (and some I still face), ways i combat them and some apps I swear by for help. Hope you find them useful!

The Challenges:

1) Waking up before 7am : Now this may sound funny but it’s a real thing. I have to wake up before 7am almost every morning so I can remind my delivery guys to pick up from me. It’s really annoying especially for times when I go to bed late but thankfully my alarm saves me everyday. Honestly, waking up so early is something I can’t seem to get used to even if I’ve been doing it for +2 years! (shouting out to people who do this easily).

Apps I use for scheduling: Calender of course!

2) Not being social media savy: Okay this used to be a problem for me when I first started because I didn’t know how to go about promoting my brand which was so important. So I reached out to some influencers who were kind enough to work with me at close to zero charge and while at it I learnt a couple of things from them myself. Also I spent forever on shopify reading on how to grow my brand on social media e.t.c. and it helped a whole lot!

Apps I use for my personal and business social media pages: Snapseed, Facetune, Inshot,Flier maker,Pinterest.

3) Balancing work with school: This is one of the things I am most intentional about. Maybe because I believe my education is just as important as my business. Anyway it is quite difficult to not let one suffer at the expense of the other but I make sure to not let any suffer for too long and also to equip the other to a certain efficiency level so it doesn’t suffer completely when I don’t give it 100% attention. P.S: never let your education suffer because while you have a lifetime to get it right at your hustle, you only have a shot at each degree.

4) Insufficient money for some projects: I know a lot of people can relate to this one. Well this is what I do, I make a list of things I would love to achieve,then I write out ways to fund them and then I save towards them. Tip: Never wait till you “have the complete money”. Work with whatever you have gradually until you’re done. Some goals may take longer than the others but what’s important is that you’re achieving one every now and then.

5) So much to do, So little time & The distractions: It’s sometimes tasking to stay focused on my business and growth when there’s so much happening around me. So I live by planning, literally I write everything down, live by dates and move with my journal everywhere. It helps a whole lot. Also for starving my distractions, I intentionally go mia(not totally) just to be sane and not lose sight of the plan. In this period I also sleep, A LOT. For some reason when I wake up I feel reenergized and full of ideas for building my businesses. Can you relate to that?

That’s all on this post guys! What are the challenges you face in your field? Do you swear by any phone app? Let me know in the comments section below xx.

Meanwhile here’s a #sneakpeek of my new brand. We launched two days ago but I haven’t and won’t be putting it out completely for some reasons…but hey aren’t these leather cuties to die for? & they aren’t even my favourite pieces! I’d be putting up more details and pictures on my social media pages soonest but you know I had to drop the juice here first. Let me know what you think? Have a great day!

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11 thoughts on “Challenges As An Entrepreneur, Ways I Combat Them And Helpful Phone Apps.

  1. I decided to just check if you posted any new the thing this morning and I loovvvveeee the bags they are beautiful and a must-have. Abeg post the details soon, let us buy. Keep up the good work babe, you are doing great.


  2. Number 4 is what I say all the time!!! These bags are so cute! Right in time for my launch as well but maybe next year, still scared, lol well done girl.

    Challenges are part of life, no one knows it all, we win some and lose some, thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I still can’t wake up early and sometimes I beat myself up for certain things but then my mom reminds me that everything takes time… I feel good knowing I’m not the only one with all these struggles. Thanks babe!!

    Liked by 1 person

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