Love yourself enough to walk away from pain.

Hey guys! I usually don’t talk about issues like this online but lately a lot of people around me have been talking about how sad they feel over toxic relationships and I got the urge to use this platform to send this message to anyone else who’s feeling this way;

Be strong enough to let go of people who don’t deserve you.

It’s really hard especially if they made you believe they wanted to be in a relationship or friendship with you. But honestly, shit happens and life has to go on.

Over the years, I’ve learnt that if someone wants you, they would really put in effort to have you. What explanation do we have for someone who claims to care but never actually shows it? None. It’s hard to admit but it is what it is. Such relationships are actually very toxic and shouldn’t be furthered.

Why stay in a toxic relationship full of false apologies and pain on your part? It really isn’t good for your soul trust me.

Sleepless nights, tears and self doubt aren’t good for anyone. They mess us up both emotionally and physically and if you have any love for yourself you should know better than to continue living like that.

It may not feel like it but you are worth the love and affection you crave and give out. Why waste it on someone who can’t appreciate you? There are people out there who deserve this love, I’m pretty sure you recall one or two of them, so give them this love instead!

Love yourself enough to choose what’s best for you, love yourself enough to walk away from pain.

Love always xx.


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