One Shirt, Seven Styles? Here’s How!

Hey guys! Today I’m sharing one of my wardrobe secrets with you all and it’s how I style my shirts at different times. Contrary to what people think, I am not a shopaholic (maybe I am sometimes lol). I simply know how to rock my pieces in different ways so as to look different every time while actually rocking the same thing. I apply this trick mostly with my shirts whenever I don’t feel like wearing them the normal button down way and i admit I’m actually quite hooked on altering my shirts now. Here are my favorite ways of styling them and some photos from when I’ve worn them that way!

1) As a v-neck cropped tee:

This is actually my favorite way of altering my shirts because it has a very girly finish which I love. To get this look, all you have to do is tuck the collar of the shirt in, take the tail of the shirt all the way up, down into the neck area, all the way down. I usually put it through my bra so as to give it a prim look. Here’s a photo from a time when I did this trick!

2) As an off shoulder cropped tee:

I do this whenever I feel like showing a lot of skin from my shoulders all the way to my belly, except my boobs of course. To achieve this look, all you have to do is tuck the collar of your shirt in, take the shirt down to your shoulders and button it at the point where it stays firm on your shoulders, then tie the bottom! You can also leave the shirt down if you don’t feel like wearing it as a cropped tee,just like I did on this day! 🙂

3) With a belt:

Accessorizing your shirt with a belt just might be the quickest way to switch up your look. I also swear by this especially when the belt is cute!

4) As a tube body top:

This is one of my favorite ways of styling my shirts because it’s super girly and has a bit of drama. To get this look all you have to do is wear the shirt without the sleeves, button is all the way down and tie the sleeves as a bow in front!

5) As a bow tie cropped tee:

This is also one of my favorite methods of styling my shirts. All you have to do is button it half way and tie the tail as a bow. Here are some photos from when I did this trick 🙂

6) As an asymmetrical shirt:

This is simply achieved by tucking one tail of the shirt in and letting the other tail hang. It looks especially cute with pants in my opinion but here’s a photo from where I paired it with a skirt 🙂

7) As a good ‘ol big shirt:

Shoutout to the style that provides the most comfort lol. Actually some days we just have to love this method of styling a shirt. Infact some people would never be caught not wearing their shirt like this and it’s totally understandable because some days I just want to wear it this way too.

Wearing it without any alteration works great too!

What method is your best? Have any other style? Let me know in the comments section below!

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