#Fitness101- Working Out And Being Consistent At It.

Hey guys! Today I’m talking physical fitness and I’m glad to have gotten two expert fitness enthusiasts (Quinn and Margo) to give some tips on starting out and being consistent because as we all know, it’s one thing to exercise and another to be constant at it. Years back, I never used to care about working out because I mean I wasn’t fat in any way but after finding out its essential benefits , I let go of that mentality and decided to implement it into my lifestyle. However I must confess that I battle with consistency sometimes and that’s why I asked Quinn to share some tips for being consistent whilst I share my personal methods of staying fit. And also Margo gave a testimonial about implementing yoga into her lifestyle incase you’ve been as curious as I am about it. Scroll down for all details!

My Golden Rules For Maintaining A Good Body.

1)Cut down on your intake: It’s pretty easy to get addicted to eating. I mean there’s food everywhere nowadays lol. Some people are even guilty of eating out of boredom. But guess what? Consuming all this food only makes us get fat so there’s the need to cut down. You can reduce the quantity of food you eat or reduce the number of times you eat in a day. For me, I try to eat just twice a day except weekends which are my cheat days. Other times when I go extra hard I eat just once. It isn’t going to be easy at first but gradually it gets better.

2) Watch them calories: A lot of snacks contain excess fats which can make us gain extra. So make sure to mind what you consume and the quantity you consume. If your favorite quick snack can make you fat, you’re gonna have to watch it!

3) Work out: Working out is the quickest way for me to lose weight. I must admit I haven’t been so regular at it lately but it has done some wonders for me in the past which is why I’m recommending it. Some people believe in using just drugs or simply cutting down on their food. But I say eat normally and work out or eat less and still workout for the miracle effect.

4) Go green: Fruits and vegetables play a major role in keeping fit as they help in metabolism. Lime water, oranges and moringa seeds are some essentials my mum has taught me to use for a flatter belly, you can adopt them too!

5) Keep your body in mind always: Now it’s easy to say you’re going to eat better and workout more often but so hard to implement. I’m very guilty of that as well. However I don’t get too used to being inconsistent. I try my best to watch what I eat everyday and I feel guilty when I fail at eating healthy, and that makes me try harder the next day. Also being conscious helps me realize when I look too fat and I actually WORK OUT HARD at that moment. Those little efforts so far have helped me stay fit and so I’m going to advise you to keep your body in mind at all times too.

About Being Consistent.

Like I said earlier it’s one thing to plan and another to execute. I’ve always been curious to know how ladies who have a family, work and still go hard at working out do it. That’s some real consistency goals right there. Of course I had no choice than to ask Quinn who is an expert at this, how she manages it and this is what she teaches about being consistent:

  • Commitments don’t have to begin on Monday. You can initiate change right now. Don’t wait for the ‘right’ time to start. You are in control of your reality and there is no time like the present. Keep it simply… simple.
  • Recognize that you don’t have to be perfect. Whether it’s your food intake or work out regime. You will stumble and make mistakes. What matters is what you do about it.
  • Plan ahead to ensure success. I pack a gym bag the day prior or have my work out gear laid out beside my bed to ensure I uphold my commitments and achieve my goals.
  • Schedule your workouts. Train at the same time daily. Make it a part of your daily routine like waking up brushing your teeth and taking a shower.

Fitness enthusiast Quinn, some body goals!


Just like shuffling work,family and a fitness life had me curious about how to stay consistent, I’ve always wondered what practicing yoga is like. Learning it had a lot of benefits such as increased flexibility, increased muscle strength, improved respiration, increase in energy and vitality, maintaining a balanced metabolism and weight reduction e.t.c had me wanting to try but I’ve always been scared thinking I would probably break from trying those stunts. However, reading Margo’s testimonial definitely made me inspired. This is what she said:

I started my yoga journey after going to a yoga class a friend was teaching. I had been big on HIIT workouts and didn’t think I would get much from yoga, but boy was I wrong! I’ve had an amazing three years of starting my yoga journey and becoming a teacher.

My advice for those who are looking to start yoga, is just that, start! Don’t think that you have to be a certain shape size or have a certain skillset to begin. Start where you are and watch the progress begin! Good luck and namaste!

Yoga teacher Margo doing her thing!

And that’s all about this #fitnesspost guys! When last did you work out? Are you a fitness enthusiast? Learnt a thing or two? Don’t forget to tell in the comments section below! And also share if you’re interested in taking yoga up!

P.S: For even more on fitness and beauty, click here. And you can also connect with Quinn and Margo on instagram for more tips on working out and yoga respectively (they’re amazing trust me):@qxinntessential and @beautyandthebeatblog .

Thanks for joining me today guys! Don’t forget to share with your friends and follow me for more! xo


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