5 Wardrobe Essentials Of Mine And Why I Deem Them Important.

Fashion is fast evolving and I’m all for the new trends but there are some trends that have moved from being just “trends” to being my actual wardrobe essentials due to one or two reasons. And by “wardrobe essentials” I don’t mean the everyday girl basics BUT types of outfits which complement my style and make me look good without hassles. So I’ve compiled a list of these trends I’m very much about, why I like them and also a few ways I’ve styled them which you can try. Scroll down to see them!

1) The off shoulder trend: If you follow me on social media or know me in person then you already know I’m hooked on off shoulder tops and dresses. I like them because they’re extremely comfortable and give this girly look I like. Scroll down to how I’ve styled this trend at various times.

Paired with a black denim skirt!

Easy breezy off shoulder jumpsuit…

Off shoulder cord set , my current fav.

2) The flare pants trend: Love love love! Apart from the fact that they make every lady look sophisticated, flare pants also make me look slimmer and I’m so here for that “look slim without actually getting slim” trick!

Paired with a long sleeve croptop.

Paired with a black bodysuit, one of my favorite ways of rocking flare pants.

3) The Kimono trend: I really like how Kimonos can take one’s looks from 0-100 immediately. So whenever I want to dress simple but look “not simple”, I run to my kimonos. Talk about zero effort but maximum slay. Also kimonos are my go-to covering for outfits which maybe termed “revealing” by outsiders. Sometimes to visit my friends, I put on outfits like croptops or open back tops but use a kimono to cover the exposed parts of my body till I get to my destination because #thisisnigeria 😩. Do I need to say more on why I appreciate this trend?

Paired with a jumpsuit!

Paired with a slip dress…

4) The prints trend: I really love prints. They’re so versatile and can be used to create some incredible looks. Sadly I haven’t quite managed to master the art of mixing prints like some pros but I’ve had fun rocking some cute ones. Florals and stripes for me, what are your favorite prints?

Extra cute prints ft sister.

5) The flare sleeves trend: So last year, flare sleeves made a major come back in the fashion industry and I definitely fell in love. I love them because they automatically make me look “dressed up”. Actually I’m a sucker for fashion tricks that make me look like I’ve done a lot when I really haven’t , so yeah the flare sleeves do it for me. Besides they’re so beautiful to behold!

Paired with a pair of pants and high heeled mules.

Paired with a skirt and court shoes..

So those are my wardrobe essentials! I don’t think my style would be complete without them haha. What are your wardrobe essentials? Are you a sucker for fashion also? Do we share some fashion essentials in common? Let me know in the comments section below!

Thanks for joining me today! Found this fun or useful? Don’t forget to follow me and share with your friends! xx


8 thoughts on “5 Wardrobe Essentials Of Mine And Why I Deem Them Important.

  1. Legs for days! I completely love your style minus off shoulders because they don’t just click with me even if I love flaunting my collarbones lol. Stripes and prints are a must! See how you just manage to look effortlessly good in each photo – you’re definitely made to model. Where did you get your red flare pants though? They’re so flattering on you!


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