Restaurant Review- Fusion Spice.

I love finding restaurants in Lagos that I haven’t been to or heard of. As much as the popular restaurants on instagram have managed to lure me to their doorsteps, I’ve realized that relatively secluded and not so popular restaurants actually appeal to me more because they’re less crowded and from what I’ve gathered, are able to cater properly to their guests. Over the weekend, I visited Fusion Spice and there’s no way I won’t be revisiting. The food was lovely and the ambience had a certain charm that I enjoyed. Read more about this place below!


It’s located at Villa Angelia hotel which is on 20, Ojulobun street, Victoria Island, Lagos.


It is pretty simple and serene. Typical dining setting. I love that it’s quiet unlike so many restaurants. There’s a shelf of craftworks which caught my attention of course. I have a picture of it below


I opted for their yam and egg sauce. No one makes that better than me haha but it was so good. I actually didn’t expect it to be as filling as it was but they begged to differ and served three large yam pieces and a lot of sauce. Picture below 🙂

Customer Service:

The waiter was so polite guys I couldn’t believe it was real. My friends and I were too surprised, I mean in this Nigeria? I know it’s the norm for a waiter to be polite but he basically broke the bar with his good manners especially as it really isn’t the “norm” here. I don’t want to give instances & I was quite reluctant to actually mention it but I just have to give them the credit they deserve. Compared to the experiences I’ve had in places such as bowlfish hotel, it definitely left me impressed. Food was served promptly too.


I really don’t remember the cost of my meal because I went through a lot of their yam options and i kindof have them mixed up. However it’s between the range of N2,000- N2,500. Their meals are generally affordable with majority of their prices below N4,000.


None that I observed.

That’s all about Fusion Spice guys! I’m definitely going to be revisiting ❤️. What do you think about this place? Have you been here before? Leave your comment below!

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