2 random experiences and 1 thing they taught me – #1

Hi guys! Yesterday I turned 21! I thank God for everything he has been doing in my life and for giving me the privilege to see another year. So I’ve been wanting to do a series and this popped up. Lately I’ve been feeling the urge to share some of my life experiences with people and be some sort of aid in one or more aspects, especially to people younger than me and also people who are just starting out in doing what they love. So yeah, I got this idea and I’m totally hopping on it. I hope you guys enjoy it, of course you can share your thoughts if need be. The first experience I’m going to be sharing is my first modeling audition. Lmao! Guys remembering this is killing me. No I’m not a model right now although I do it sometimes. But guess what? 4-5 years ago I was dying to be a world class model. Read about my first modeling audition and what it taught me below!

What Happened..

It was a casting to walk at the “music meets runway” event. I heard about it just the day before and I was so hyped. I just felt like they would pick me lmao. So I prepared, picked out my outfits and practiced my catwalk for the rest of the day. Immediately my family members arrived, I informed them and they were just as confident that I would be chosen. We decided that my sisters would take me to the location as I had no idea where it was lol. The next morning I was up as early as possible and we got to the location way before most people did.

It was the first ever (and only) casting I attended so I was really nervous and everyone around me seemed to be way older than I was which made me extra shy. While everyone was mixing I just sat beside my sisters quietly. Eventually a girl came and sat beside me and we got talking. She told me she had been a model for a while, and showed me a couple of shoots she had done. Lmao that made me feel even more unfit for the job.

After hours of waiting (since it was African time as usual), the judges finally came and the auditions started. We were to go in in groups of five, walk together, then the best would be chosen. It seemed to take forever as we were way behind the queue but eventually my group was called up.

As soon as they called us,I became terrified and filled with thoughts of me not being picked. While I was still overthinking, we were asked to walk and guys I did the most terrible 8 second walk ever! I didn’t even know when I finished. Lmaoo of course I didn’t get picked. I felt so bad. My sisters didn’t even help matters lmao, they confirmed that my walk was pathetic. We went home right after. I felt so sad for a few hours but afterwards I got over it.

What I learnt.

Looking back now , I realized what I lacked was confidence. Maybe my strut wasn’t good enough yes, but what if it actually was but my lack of confidence and fear made me perform badly that day hence making me lose the opportunity. I was so deep into thinking of how not good enough I was that I couldn’t even concentrate and put up my best show. I don’t think such can happen now lol. Over time I’ve learnt to be as confident as ever, even when I know I’m not the best in a field, I still do my thing in the best way I can and it works wonders for me. And I think everyone should abide by that. Irrespective of how far your competitors have come, don’t look down on yourself. Do your thing, with maximum effort and be confident about it. For some reason, whenever you’re confident about something the universe seems to make it turn out right. You can turn out to be the rookie model that gets picked for a huge modeling job or the upcoming artist that gets multiple awards or you can be the budding entrepreneur with an outrageous customer base. You can be totally new to something and get even better results than people who have always been there. It honestly all balls down to confidence, effort and the will of God. Nobody started big, everyone was once scared and still feels scared sometimes so don’t beat yourself up. Simply do your thing.

And incase you’re wondering how my modeling life turned out, i’m happy to tell you that I long lost my flare for modeling because I was directed towards what’s really for me. However sometimes I get called up for jobs and I take them up lol but it’s not something I would be pursuing as a career.

Thanks for taking out time to read this, I honestly enjoyed sharing it! Have you been to an audition before? How did it go? How do you combat the feeling of not being good enough? Let us know in the comments section below!

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