Restaurant Review- Cafè Jade.

Hi guys! So yesterday I visited Cafè Jade for the first time (after procrastinating for about four months, sigh). Since my updated blog started functioning on Wednesday finally, I decided to visit somewhere new and get my vibe back as it’s been so long. I love everything about this place , well except the pasta I had lol. Anyway read all about it below!


It is located on 7, Caroline Atounah street, Lekki phase 1, Lagos.


I love how put together this place is. The decor is simple and yet very catchy. Bamboo and green walls on the outside, wall art and cute bulbs inside. There’s another compartment upstairs which is even comfier, it’s kind of similar to a section of The House . See some pictures I got below 🙂


I have never eaten so much in one place before lol. Maybe because I had to wait a long time for Kaykay and Ifeoma. Most times whenever I have to wait for people I get really bored and have no choice than to eat.

For my main dish I had their creamy chicken bacon pasta and for dessert I had their strawberry and cream biscoff crepes. Then I had a strawberry mocktail , which I can’t seem to remember the exact name lol. I really loved my crepes and drink but I totally dreaded the pasta. It was way too creamy in my opinion. However my sisters didn’t seem to notice that because they loved it.

Later on, we shared a platter of small chops together which was nice, of course small chops never goes wrong. Picture below.

Customer Service.

Food didn’t take so much time thankfully but my drink took some time to be prepared due to their faulty machine. The waiters are very nice.


Creamy chicken bacon pasta – N3,000

Strawberry and cream crepes – N2,500

Strawberry mocktail – N2,000

Sharing platter- N8,000

Total: N15,500

I have a section of their food menu here 🙂


Every Tuesday- Friday, from 2pm- 7pm, there’s a 50% discount on every meal you have and also on their cocktails and mocktails. Cool yes?

That’s all about Cafè Jade guys! What do you think of this place? Have you been here before? Would you be visiting soon? Let us know in the comments section below!

Some more photos from yesterday ❤️

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