Bye June! (Highlights)

Hey guys! I know I’ve been off for the longest, y’all need to forgive me. My disappearance was due to the fact that I personalized my site address and for some reason it took a lot of time to set up. Also I’ve hardly had any time for myself and blogging due to some reasons which I shall be spilling soon enough. You know what’s funny about this post? I actually have no follower to apologize to! Yes, I lost all my followers last month due to multiple changes in my site address. I honestly hope this issue gets rectified but regardless I’m here now 🙂

So yeah I’m almost back to square one, except I know my lovely friends are going to read this so please if you are, follow me again thank youu!

I decided to put up my first life update post and what better time to do it than today, the last day of June. It honestly has been the longest month ever, I mean the situation in our country right now coupled with some personal struggles but thank God I’m alive to see this day. Hoping the last six months of the year turn out better than the first. Anyway, this is what’s happening with me currently and I’ve shared some photos from June too! ✨

I’m feeling…

A bit blue because this month has really been hectic and emotionally/physically challenging but I’m also feeling enthusiastic because everything I’ve worked on is going to yield great returns starting tomorrow! That’s something to be thankful for and I’m definitely looking forward to it. Don’t worry I’d be sharing details with y’all soon enough.

I met…

A couple of awesome people who I look up to especially business wise and also some new friends who I share similar interests with 🙂 I also got to model for some of my favorite brands which is the main reason I’ve been absent. Usually Fridays are my content creation days but this month every Friday except yesterday, I had to model for a brand.

I’m anticipating…

My birthday! which is in less than 3 weeks and the launch of my new brand (fingers crossed).

I’m listening to…

My same old rnb songs and my Nigerian songs. Not too late to learn the shaku shaku dance, is it?

I visited…

A couple of restaurants which I shall be talking about in my subsequent blog posts and the Lekki art and crafts market too. Details up soonest xx

I’m reading…

No book in particular, just blog posts about random topics. What book are you reading currently?

I’m eating…

Noodles, so much nowadays lol.

I’m loving…

The new outfits I got which I can’t wait to style, my updated blog, Oceans 8 movie which I watched finally and the smell of July. Happy new month in advance guys!

I learnt…

The importance of working hard relentlessly, being patient and staying focused. I also learnt the importance of gratitude especially after the killings that happened this month. I honestly re-evaluated a lot of things.

That’s all about my life this June! What was the highlight of your month? Was June generally good or ‘ugh’ for you? Let me know by commenting below ✨.

Thanks for dropping by, don’t forget to follow me and share with your friends loves!xx

9 thoughts on “Bye June! (Highlights)

  1. “You know what’s funny about this post? I actually have no follower to apologize to! Yes, I lost all my followers last month due to multiple changes in my site address”.

    A very wrong thing to say though, Dear Whitney as your follower count states 11 and I here am also included so…

    Anyway, your month highlights sounds like fun and that’s great. I had mixed feelings this month partly because of my birthday, exam tension as well as this ongoing crisis (the lowblows) but it’s all good. I trust July would be a lot better, frankly I wish one month could just be totally stress free…is that too much to ask?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You have no idea how much 11 sounds right now loool, guess I’m gaining my audience back gradually.
      The ‘mixed feelings’ thing seems to be everywhere girl but it’s going to be fine definitely 🙂 and don’t worry you’d be getting your stress free month soonest, hopefully xx


  2. Your posts still show up on my reader, so I want to believe you didn’t lose all your followers.

    Your month sounded cool.

    My highlights was submitted a much anticipated application. Hopeful for speedy feedback.

    Currently reading a novel The Ezekiel Option by Joel Rosenberg and Born on a Tuesday by Elnathan John

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  3. Your site is still up as one of my followed sites. I’d say the month of June was good and not really good with all the killings that’s been happening in Nigeria but in all things I thank God cause it could have been a lotttt worse I guess.

    But I’m kinda hyped na out the month of July, it’s also my birthday month but I don’t know if I’m reallly feeling it. Anyways I’m sure you’d get all your followers + new followers back. ♥️

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m still following you though so I wonder what happened. Either way, June seems to have been quite eventful! I hope you’ll share also a post about your modeling gigs, how you started, the general experience and all – would love to read that. I really like the looks with the silver foil-like items on one side of your neck – beautiful!

    June was a bit crazy for me but I survived in the end too – for the whole of Nigeria, we’ve definitely been shook. Anyway, can’t wait to see what upcoming posts you have in store for us! Don’t worry, the followers would come back.

    Liked by 1 person

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