Restaurant Review- Food Shack

Hey guys! Yesterday i visited Food shack with my friend Ifeoma of and we decided to do a joint review at the same time. Now although I’ve mentioned Food shack to be one of my favorite places previously, I still felt like a proper review was needed because I keep getting a lot of questions about it. Read all about this place below!


It is located on 32a, Ologun Agbeje street, Victoria Island, Lagos.


It has a wooden setting so of course it has my heart. Ifeoma loved it too of course. There’s also the glass section that lets the sun right in . Good for pictures yup lol. It’s also very well spaced which I like. I’ve attached some pictures from yesterday and some other times I’ve been there below so you can see what I’m talking about.


Their meals are really good. I usually have their fries and chicken when I go there but yesterday we tried their waffles and wings and it wasn’t the A1 meal we expected from them. While the chicken was good,we both felt the waffles should have been a bit crunchier and accompanied with more toppings. Also they have just one waffle meal on their menu which is sad because sometimes people want waffles with something other than chicken. Oh well. I have a picture of what we had yesterday and some from others below:

Customer Service.

Well anytime I go there, they take a lot of time to get meals prepared. Also they never seem to have everything listed on the menu on ground which can be very tiring. Honestly restaurants need to stop doing that. Am I the only one who experiences this too frequently or? The waiters are very polite and friendly however, I’d give them an A for that.


They are very affordable. Actually the first place that comes to my mind whenever people ask me for a nice looking but affordable restaurant. Meals generally range from N2,000- N6,000. Trust me they can go even lower depending on the quantity you can consume.


None that I observed.

That’s all about Food Shack! What do you think of this place? Have you been here before? Let us know in the comments section below!

Here’s a picture from my first ever visit 🙂

Thanks for joining me today guys! Found this useful? Don’t forget to share with your friends and follow me to discover more places in Lagos!


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