#Arthunting – The Studio art gallery by Poly Alakija.

Hey Everyone! First off I have to apologize for the extremely long break I took from blogging. Exams happened and as much as I wanted to multitask I just had to give it my full attention. Honestly can’t wait to be done with uni sigh. Anyway I’m back at visiting great locations in Lagos and today I’m going to be sharing details about “The Studio” art gallery. This place is so beautiful guys! I’m a huge fan of Poly Alakija so it was a bummer not meeting her there but I got to see some of her beautiful works and hey her employees shared some details about her space with me 🙂 Scroll down to read all about it!


It is located at the entrance of Parkview Estate, Ikoyi.

What it’s like.

Her space is everything artsy and nice. Poly can paint on literally anything and at her gallery there are works ranging from hand painted mugs,towels,gallons e.t.c and let’s not forget the popular painted beetle car right at the entrance too. She also has some craft works like woven baskets, wooden artifacts and so on. She’s honestly a creative genius and it’s of no wonder she got the contract to design the Falomo under bridge. The space up the stairs is pretty much the work station while the gallery is downstairs. While the works are very alluring, another thing I found interesting is the way the place is arranged. It’s far from the usual overly organized art gallery setting. Matter of fact it’s pretty much a disarray of art works that somehow manages to look exquisite. See what I’m talking about below!

Love this woodwork!

…ft the signature painted beetle!

Some facts about The Studio.

1) The Studio is Poly Alakija’s private gallery and not the typical art gallery. This means that every art work there was created by her except a few in which she’s in agreement with the owners.

2) It’s been in existence for just two years . Which is really impressive considering the fact that it’s becoming even more popular than a lot of other art galleries that have been in existence for over ten years.

3) Poly strives to create for everyone regardless of your pocket size. With just N1,000 you can get one of her goods. Cool yes?

4) She draws inspiration from poetry and the environment/culture of any place she finds herself in.

5) The Studio is open to work with other creatives at anytime. You simply have to contact them to negotiate.

That’s all about The Studio guys! What do you think of this place? Have you been to any art gallery in Lagos? Tell us about it in the comment section below!

Meanwhile here are some photos I took of myself at The Studio 🙂

I’m wearing:

Pants: Atmosphere

Top: New Look

Shoes: Barratts

Sunglasses: @eyecessoriesng on instagram

Earrings: @girlinbasicstheshop on instagram

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