Introducing my #photoseries category!

Hi guys! Welcome to my first photo series. So I’m exploring all sections of what I love and I’ve decided to put up some photo series every now and then. Yeah that’s simply more photos and less talks (incase you’re wondering what it entails). If you follow me on Instagram (@whitneynwafor if you’re not btw), you’d know that I like taking pictures of places so yes I’ve decided to put up simple posts depicting various places in Lagos. Although it’s mostly going to be of places, every now and then I can surprise you all with a fun photo series of myself or something else. I’d also be putting up a new category for these #photoseries asap, so it can be easier for you to access.

Please note: These are not reviews.

I really hope you all enjoy this new addition and share your opinions too! I did a quick practice shoot on Friday with my friend Danny, which you shall see below. Had a hard time choosing a location but after thinking about it I realized there was no better way to begin than to depict our popular Lagos Island market! I did this in a hurry because I had school work to attend to but I promise to be more detailed in future. I decided to depict the various things people sell at the market and going round, I realized the saying “you can find everything at Lagos Island market” is very true. Omg I couldn’t even capture a quarter of all the goods for sale here! I couldn’t even go round the market! At some point I was wondering what the hell made me start with this location but oh well. With the large number of people you find in this market, you can tell that lagosians are true hard workers. The hustle spirit of this city is only but part of what makes it beautiful..scroll down to see what I’m talking about!

A cross section.

Found some magazines!

All sorts of clothing materials.. p.s: Daniel sure knows my angles!

Apples please!


Lots and lots of banks/corporate offices.

Those are only a few of the pictures I got but definitely my favorite. I also did a mini fashion shoot there which you shall be seeing in my next post.

Thanks for joining me today! Have you been to this market? What do you think of my #photoseries idea? Let me know in the comments section below. Don’t forget to follow me for more Lagos tours and share this with your friends! xx.

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