My #beachssentials ( 12 essentials for the perfect beach day).

One of my favorite ways of easing stress is by going to the beach. Unlike my teenage days (when I used to go to the beach with my family members, take pictures, have lunch and then go home), my beach days have now become more intentional. I bear it in mind that I’m going solely to ease myself of stress so I spend more hours, go with less people and try to combine all my stress-easing activities with the relaxing activity that is being at the beach itself. To get maximum satisfaction and really unwind I go with some things which I deem as really important beach day items and I have termed them my “beachssentials”. Read all about my beachssentials below and hopefully this helps you to pack right when next you’re going to the beach!

1) My bikini: I always change to my bikini whenever I go to the beach because it makes me feel more comfortable. My bikini cover too because while I want to feel very comfy, having people stare at me doesn’t exactly leave me comfortable so I do some covering with my kimono or any thing that can serve as a cover.

2) My camera: I always have my camera with me to take pictures of the scenery which I can never get over and of course to take pictures of my beach body haha

3) My Speaker: Because listening to music while enjoying the view is so therapeutic! My favorite genre of music is rnb, what’s yours?

4) My Wristwatch: Of course to keep track of time!

5) A skin lotion: To keep my skin from darkening.

6) My power-bank: I take my power-bank everywhere with me so as to keep my phone battery from draining.

7) My sunglasses: To protect my eyes from the sun and to complete ze look.

8) A beach hat: Just some extra protection from the sun.

9) Drinks: You can make it fun by making your own cocktail and giving it names like “boujee on the beach” “beach bella” etc

10) Food: Food is important especially if you’re going to be there for the whole day. If you don’t go with food from home, you can just buy some on the beach.

11) A book: Could be a magazine , a planner , novel etc. Having a book is the best remedy for boredom on a beach day.

12) A blanket : To lay/sit on.

Those are my beachssentials guys! What are yours? What’s other ways do you unwind apart from visiting the beach? Let us know in the comments section below! Meanwhile here are some photos from my last visit to the beach 🙂

Bodysuit- Missguided

Kimono- Kancky Nigeria (@kancky_ng on instagram)

Sunglasses- Eyecessories (@eyecessoriesng on instagram)

Hair- Jumia

Hat- Random seller

Thanks for joining me today! Found this useful? Don’t forget to follow me and share with your friends! xx

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