Freedom Park Lagos (My experience).

Hey guys! Today I’m talking about my day at Freedom Park (yes, I took a break from restaurants). So usually I do not visit places weekdays but on Wednesday I decided to spice up my week by adding a quick outing to my busy schedule. Classes got cancelled and I was meant to meet up with a business associate so knowing I was going to pass by Freedom Park I was like “why not give it a try?”. I was without company so i felt it was going to be boring and besides who was going to take photos of me? But I decided to go regardless lol, spontaneous Whitney always wins. So this is how my day went!


It is located on 1, Hospital road, old prison ground, Broadstreet. Closest landmark is St.Nicholas hospital.

My experience.

After making payments at the gate (N200), I realized I had no idea what to do, I mean I had never been there or to any park at all so I didn’t know where to start from. Thankfully I had read a bit on it online so I knew there was an art gallery and a food hub so I decided to check them out. I also read that there was a guide to show visitors around but after searching around for the guide to no avail, I decided to just guide myself haha. I asked someone for the art gallery so it wasn’t that hard to locate, but on getting there it was empty because they were to use the space for an event apparently. Well that was a blow at that moment because the art gallery was meant to be my escape from being lost and confused. Anyway I decided to go have lunch instead and as I walked there I started to notice the beauty of the place, of course I took pictures, scroll down πŸ™‚

After some minutes of taking pictures of some parts of the park, I finally got to the food hub. Of course they didn’t have most of the things on their menu. I couldn’t even judge them because clearly a lot of people don’t go to the park and it was a weekday so it was probably more empty than usual. The first restaurant literally had nothing available so I had to go to the one next to it which had some available food like rice,chips and pizza. I decided to go with their chips and to my surprise it was actually tasty. For some reason I expected them to disappoint me lol but they didn’t and good thing too. Picture of my meal below πŸ™‚

I know I said no food but we all know how irresistible plantain is!


Large French fries: N1000

Plantain: N500

Small Chicken: N500

Water: N200

Total: N2200.

After eating, I decided to do some more sight seeing and leave. So I walked round a bit and met a girl who said I looked nice. Well, I asked her to take pictures of me πŸ˜… (as a blogger, you should be able to ask strangers for pictures yes? ). Pictures below πŸ™‚

After I took pictures, I was walking towards the exit when I sighted the bridge which I had also read about online so I decided to check it out as well. That’s actually when I remembered the whole essence of this place. Being a former prison ground, it serves as a historical monument and on that bridge are the chains which were used for the prisoners, shaped in form of people. I didn’t go on the bridge but I got a picture from behind. Check it out below!

Right beside the bridge is a building which I perceived to be an art gallery so I went to check it out. Thank God I did because it is so aesthetically pleasing, I would have been pissed if I left without seeing it. I later got to see that it was a store for artsy pieces and not an actual art gallery.

I really liked all the works here and I’m definitely going back for one of the Ankara dresses they have for sale. You can follow them on Instagram- @enyeinteriors.

I had to leave the park afterwards, but not without taking one more picture of the place because it’s designed to provide so many aesthetically pleasing views. Would I be visiting again? Definitely!

That’s all about my visit to Freedom Park guys! What do you think about this place? Would you be visiting soon? Have you been here before? Let us know in the comments section below!

I’m having so much fun visiting new places and you can too! Follow me to get more updates on fun things to do in Lagos and reviews xx

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