Restaurant Review – Samantha’s Bistro And Grill.

Hey everyone! Happy international women’s day! (yes, it’s not over to me). So yesterday my friend Susan and I decided to check Samantha’s bistro and grill out. I’ve been wanting to visit this place for sometime now and although I was a bit disappointed, I’m glad I finally ticked it off my list. Scroll down to read everything about it!


It is located on 2, Olawale Daodu street, Ikoyi, Lagos. It is in the same building with some other restaurants such as Nuli lounge, Liquid hub e.t.c. It’s quite difficult to locate so you have to be careful not to miss it.


The exterior is a no for me. Chairs are old and dirty. The interior is quite cute but I really feel it’s way too congested. There’s so much going on in so little space, frankly. It kind of reminded me of Craft Gourmet except that craft gourmet is very organized and way more spacious. Also it was way too quiet…and boring. There was music on when we got there but after sometime it went off. Sigh. I’ve got a picture of the cute space below;


We both had their grilled avo burger. For drinks, Susan had their pineapple juice and I had their mixed berries smoothie. The drinks were okay but the burger was not exactly yummy. I feel the avocado pieces were way too much. The chips side we were given would have compensated for the terrible burger but the ketchup it was served with had a weird taste. The waiter later explained that the ketchup was made by them and not bought which is sad because Heinz clearly does it better. I got a picture of the burger meal below, my photography skill is definitely getting better 🙂

Customer Service.

The food took so much time to be prepared and they missed out on giving us the dessert menu. We actually thought there were no desserts until we saw the dessert menu on the table beside us. Waiter was friendly though.


Grilled avo burger- N3500 each.

Drinks – N2000 each.

Total- N11,000.


They have this loyalty card thingy in which the freebies only count as you keep revisiting.

That’s all on Samantha’s Bistro And Grill guys! What do you think of this place? Would you be visiting soon? Have you been here before? Let us know in the comments section below!

Meanwhile here are some photos of me which were taken before I left. The swing at the entrance is cute!

Thanks for joining me today guys! Don’t forget to share this with your friends and follow me for more! Have a great Saturday xx.

2 thoughts on “Restaurant Review – Samantha’s Bistro And Grill.

    1. Thanks! I read a lot of good things about them too so let’s assume I went on a bad day ey? However I can only share what I experienced so there goes 🙂


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