I found a home in The House Lagos. (Review)

Hey everyone! Hope everyone is doing fine? So your girl officially found her best spot in Lagos last weekend. Now I had been longing to visit this place because it had a serene look from their Instagram page but somehow I kept putting it off. Even on Friday when I finally visited it was totally not on my to-do list. Laura and I wanted to visit a coffee shop and we had Coffee Plus in mind. So we got to the supposed location and we couldn’t find it anywhere but then right opposite the supposed location was The Artisan Lagos. Lool I was both disappointed and pleased because I really wanted to check Coffee Plus out but then Artisan was somewhere I also had on my list of places to go so yeah we went there instead. BUT HEYthat review is for another day, afterwards Laura wanted us to go somewhere else so we decided to finally check The House out and a good decision it was! Read all about The House below!


It is located on 4 A.J Marinho drive, Victoria island Lagos. Experienced some traffic on the way and there isn’t enough space for parking.


The ambience is everythinggg. Ugh I love the feel of this place so much guys. Maybe because it’s so calm outside or because it’s a bit dark inside and I’m a sucker for both features . It has a lovely sit out and the inside of this house is just splendid. Did I mention the interior is divided into various sections like an actual house? I had a hard time deciding which section I liked best although apparently the inside spaces are occupied by reservation and we stayed at the sit out. I got some pictures below 🙂

The sit out from above.

Me at the lounge section…did I mention they had a selfie mirror?!


We had just eaten at cafe eleven (review up soon btw), so we had drinks only. While Laura had their iced tea I had their chapman. Picture below 🙂

A section of their drink menu.

Customer Service.

The person that attended to us was polite and our drinks came promptly, then again who wastes time when it comes to serving drinks lol.


Iced Tea- N2500

Chapman- N2000


None that I observed.

And that’s all on The House guys! What do you think about this place? Would you be visiting soon? I reckon you would! Have you been here before? Share your experience in the comments section below!❤️.

Thanks for joining me today! Don’t forget to share this and follow your girl for more Lagos tours! P.S:- Cafe eleven review up soon! Have a great evening xx

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