Restaurant Review:- Craft Gourmet by Lou Baker.

Hey guys! Thanks for joining me today! I’m so sorry I disappeared for some time, I’ve been trying to get settled in school, as it’s a new session but all that has been settled and I’ll strive to be more consistent. Now because I love you all soo much I decided to do a review of two restaurants this weekend (okay maybe my foodie self just wanted to try out two restaurants lol) . Also, my friend Laura came along so we decided to do two restaurants for the fun of it. I’m going to be sharing details about one of them today which is Craft Gourmet. Guyss I love this place! First of all it’s white and I’m totally obsessed with places that are painted white! Read more about it below.


It is located on 14, Idowu Martins street, Victoria Island, Lagos. The third floor of mega plaza, to be precise. It is quite easy to locate and the road network isn’t bad. We experienced no traffic on our way.


All I can say is; nice work, Baker.

The view from where i sat.

Cute entrance 🙂

I couldn’t get enough pictures because i moved to the inner part and it was crowded. Not trying to have anyone in my pictures without his/her consent lol.


I had their classic hotdog meal and Laura had their chicken wrap. Now, I read on so many blogs that their food quantity is usually too small for the price so at first I was skeptical about actually eating there. My plan was to have a quick snack and go to some other place to have more than enough to eat because I hadn’t eaten all day and I wasn’t trying to spend money on something that would leave me hungry still. However I changed my mind and decided to do with whatever. And funny enough it was more than filling, I couldn’t even eat everything. And it was yum , although I wasn’t expecting any less. So remembering the reviews I read, I’m just here wondering if I have a small stomach or if I went on a special day. I had their freshly squeezed juice along with it, pineapple of course and Laura had apple mixed with pineapple. Check photo below.

Customer Service.

Hands down the best customer service I’ve encountered. They had more than enough waiters which is like everything because no one likes waiting (no pun intended lol). I noticed there were no female waiters however, I wonder why. And they’ve got more than enough chefs too so my meal was prepared in less than 15 minutes. The waiter that attended to us was very polite and not too chatty.


None that I observed.


Contrary to what I read again, they are reasonably priced. I mean I read somewhere that ten thousand naira was the least charge to expect but it wasn’t the case. I forgot to take a picture of a section of their menu, ugh. Anyway they aren’t close to being overpriced. Here’s a breakdown of our meal charge.

Hot dog meal – N4500

Vegan wrap – N5000

Pineapple juice – N2500

Apple/pineapple juice – N2500

Total :- N14,500.

Now that’s not bad considering the way people exaggerated everything.

So guys that’s all about Craft Gourmet! What do you think about this restaurant? Will you be visiting soon? Have you been here before? Share your experience in the comments section below!

And that’s all for today. Can you guess the second restaurant I visited? Stay tuned for my next review. Found this useful? Don’t forget to share with your friends and follow me for more! Have a great day xx.

2 thoughts on “Restaurant Review:- Craft Gourmet by Lou Baker.

  1. I read this post yesterday and couldn’t comment, now I’m back! This was so good for me that I re read it just now again…listen, you have officially inspired me on a review post. Plus 14k? 😞😞 I want to cryyy oo

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