Review: Casper & Gambini’s

Hey guyss! Happy new year to you all! I hope everyone is feeling all sorts of enthusiastic about the new year? I’m so sorry I’ve been away, I have been really busy preparing for the new school/work year but I managed to put together this quick review from my last outing. So on Friday, my sisters (Kaykay and Kylie) and I decided to visit the Nok restaurant by Alara but unfortunately we missed their lunch and since their dinner wasn’t starting till 6pm we opted for Casper and Gambini’s instead. So yeah let’s talk about Casper & Gambini’s , scroll down 🙂

Road network/Surroundings

It is located on 6,Agoro Odiyan street, Victoria Island Lagos. It’s generally a low traffic area, although I don’t like predicting the traffic situation in Lagos haha.


It has a simple yet nice setting. Got some pictures below.


We were actually hungry that day so we all had full course meals. For appetizers, we all had their complementary bread and sauce dip (forgotten the flavor of the sauce lol), For main dishes, Kylie opted for their traditional jollof rice with plantain and chicken, Kaykay had shredded chicken with mashed potatoes and vegetables (I should start keeping notes of their actual names omg) and I had their chicken pesto pasta (at least I remembered mine) . They were all good although I ended up wishing I had my darling jollof rice. For drinks Kylie and I had their minty lemonade and Kaykay had their blackberry mix. The drinks were real good, I don’t think any restaurant goes wrong with drinks haha. For desert I had their molten tart, Kylie had their famous chocolate cake and Kaykay had their chocolate fondant. The desert was actually my favorite part of the meal, you know how much of a sweet tooth I am.I couldn’t really get pictures of our food but here’s one of my pasta below


All main dishes cost N4500 each.

Drinks cost N3000 each.

Desert was N2500 each.

Total was N30,000.

So yeah for a 3 course meal one should budget N10,000 but for a quick snack / coffee/ drink, I think the maximum should be N5000. I have some sections of their menu below,

The lovely desert prompted this pictures!


None that I observed.

So guys is this restaurant a yay or nay for you? Let me know! Have you been here before? Share your experience with us in the comment section below!

That’s all about my visit to Casper & Gambini’s. I didn’t take any picture of myself there but here are some I took at Alara below 🙂

Kaykay and I

Me trying to do that thing supermodels do

That’s all for today guys, thanks for joining me and don’t forget to share this with your friends and follow me for more Lagos tours! Have a nice evening xx

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