Review: The Island Bar Restaurant.

Hey guys! I’m so happy today because I can finally say I’m healthy again. Satan tried it but nah. Anyway I hope you’re all having a wonderful holiday?

So today I’m telling you all about the island bar restaurant lagos. I wanted to visit somewhere in Festac town because I’m there for the holiday and going all the way to Ikoyi or Ikeja isn’t working for me. So I checked google and after close to an hour of searching I found the island bar restaurant. Seriously I hope more people decide to open up top notch restaurants in Festac because there are just about five really good restaurants available from my research and well, from what I see too. Anyway I’m glad I even saw options haha. Scroll down to read all about my visit.

Road Network/Surroundings.

The Island bar restaurant is located at Golden Tulip hotel ,opposite the Festival Mall, Festac. The road network is pretty good, there’s never traffic on that axis and the environment is clean. As long as you’re in the Festac axis you’re free from traffic but if you’re coming from somewhere else I really can’t say.


The ambience was good. Nothing too extravagant or catchy but I really loved the fact that it was made of glass and not actual cement or brick walls. I like anything glassy lol. I took a picture of it of course, scroll down. Also they currently have a lot of Christmas decorations and it’s really nice to behold.

A cross section of the restaurant.

Me faking a candid haha, but check the scenery out.

The Xmas decor is cute!


They had a lot on their menu but we just settled for their a pollo pizza and drinks because we had the best pounded yam and pepper soup before leaving the house and we were still filled up and also because I have this habit of requesting pizza or chips wherever I go lol. But I’m going to change and become more open to other meals because I think I’m going a bit overboard with it and i know none of you wants to read about how I eat pizza in every restaurant haha.

Customer Service.

The waiter that served us was good and polite. He wasn’t being playful like most waiters I’ve encountered but nonetheless he was cool.


They are very affordable. I think the most expensive thing I saw on their menu was seven thousand naira and they had food going for as low as N1500. Their drinks were also very cheap. Like they sell a glass of martini for N600..woah. The full wine bottles are way more expensive though, of course. The pizza we had cost N3500 and our drinks cost N800 each. Total we spent was N5100. However if you’re to have a full course meal it’s definitely going to be more expensive.


I wasn’t informed of any and I didn’t see anything concerning that on the menu.

So guys that’s all about my visit to the island bar restaurant! What do you think of this place? Would you be visiting soon? Have you been to Festac before? Do you know of more good restaurants in Festac? Let us know in the comments section below!

Meanwhile I’ve got some more pictures from my day below 🙂

Another fake candid haha.

My sister decided to be a photographer while I was eating.

Sissy and I.

That’s all for now guys, if you’re reading this don’t forget to follow me and stay tuned for my next Lagos tour. Have a great day!

11 thoughts on “Review: The Island Bar Restaurant.

  1. For someone like me that can count the number of times they go to Lagos in a year your blog makes it feel like I’ve been living there all my life!!!! I absolutely loved the write-up ❤❤❤

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