8 things to do in Lagos at little or zero cost.

Hey guys! Today I’m going to be sharing some things you can do in Lagos at little or no cost! Now a lot of people want to explore places in this city but they have this general idea that everywhere is expensive so it limits them. If you’re reading this and you’re one of those people I’d like to tell you that that’s a very false fact. Scroll down to see 8 fun things you can do in Lagos at very little or no cost!

1) Unwind at a park:- If you want to take a break from the usual Lagos noise then taking time out to rest at a park is for you. A lot of parks in Lagos are really beautiful and sanitized (I always bother about how neat the environment is because good health comes first) so all you have to do is find one around you and hang out maybe with friends or by yourself. Example of a good park is Freedom Park at Lagos island. Apart from the green area it also boasts of an art gallery and an open mic arena. Cool yes? But that isn’t the only good park , we also have Muri Okunola park, Lufasi nature park and a lot more. Most parks are free but freedom park and lufasi nature park cost about N200 to access and that’s very affordable. So if you are out of ideas for what to do this holiday, go “parking” today!

2) Attend an open mic concert :- A lot of Lagos hotels organize open mic nights which are completely free to attend. The only cost you’d be incurring would be for your food or drink , depending on your choice and since it’s at night it’s advisable to settle for light food or just drinks because :-

1) You’re meant to be a member of the fitness gang. So why are you requesting for pounded yam and soup by 10pm? Do you want to gain extra pounds?

2) You’re also a member of the baddie on a budget gang. Do you want to finish all your money in a night? Students don’t forget you still have handouts to buy. Remember you’re not trying to spend excessively so act accordingly. The reason a lot of people actually go broke after outings is because they spend more than they budgeted to. If everyone used up the exact amount of money they planned to in the first place maybe I wouldn’t even be making this post haha.

3) You’re a member of the turn up gang. Are you going to be eating whilst everyone is dancing and singing? Did you come to play?

Alright jokes apart, open mic nights are really fun and sometimes celebrities show up for these concerts and actually present so it’s like paying less for extra. One of the most popular open mic concerts in Lagos is held by Bogobiri House at Ikoyi. It holds every Thursday night so you should try it out and thank me later xx

3) Visit an art gallery:- Yes and yes to this. Art galleries are completely free guys although you’re going to be wishing you had a million naira you weren’t using so you could get your favorite masterpiece. Anyway it’s a really nice and affordable way to pass time. Best to go with friends as it’s always more fun.

4) Dine out with friends :- Keyword – “with friends”. Okay these restaurants can be really pricey but not when you split the bill with your friends. Order a platter, order pizza or just something you guys can share and watch your bill drop drastically. It’s always a swell time with friends especially when you guys are at the right place.

5) Go to the beach :- This is one of the best ways to unwind in my opinion. Just the serenity is enough to make your day. I usually go to the beach and practically everywhere during weekdays because places tend to be less crowdy then. The entrance fees of most beaches in Lagos range from N500 – N2000. Food isn’t expensive as well since what they sell most times are light. P.S:- private beaches cost way more so if you’re looking to save it’s best to go to a general beach.

6) Go sightseeing:- If you’re someone who simply likes to take in the environment then this is for you. You can visit a lot of places just for the sake of doing so. The lekki ikoyi link bridge is a great idea. Also the national theatre, the lekki market, makoko community(I haven’t even been here but oh I would love to check it out!) e.t.c And don’t forget your camera ๐Ÿ™‚

7) Go on a movie date :- If you’re a movie person then you can go with friends or by yourself to see movies at a cinema. Thankfully there are cinemas at designated spots all around Lagos (although we still need more) so you can just pick the closest to you. It’s affordable and it’s fun.

8) Attend a fair or pop up :- Now this may seem boring but trust me with the right fair at the right time it’s actually fun. My favorite fair that takes place in Lagos is MENTE DE MODA, right now I no longer see it as a fair but as a big reunion haha. Girls and guys if you’re attending mente de moda be sure to look good because you’re bound to bump into 5 old friends, 3 social media friends you’ve actually never met, a celebrity or 2 and an ex ๐Ÿ˜‚. Yes the crowd is that much haha but that’s exactly how a fair should be. Don’t forget you’re going to be buying an item or more but don’t worry they sell at drop dead prices and it doesn’t have to be a furniture or clothing item you can just buy food or a drink. Although it isn’t even compulsory but I don’t see why one should attend a fair which is typically about sales and not buy anything. So yeah attending fairs and pop ups can be really fun and useful also as you also get to discover good brands and get a business idea or meet someone who can help your brand.

So guys those are 8 things you can do in Lagos at little or zero cost! Have more things in mind? Share in the comment section below ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿผ. Would you be trying any of these eight anytime soon? If you have already share your experience below too!

Thanks for joining me today guys, I’m still on the road to recovery so I haven’t visited anywhere of late but stay tuned because I’ve got something for you all. Have a great day! x

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  1. This is so cool…I’m planning to serve in Lagos and have been skeptic about that. But thank you for making it easier at least….I’m all about the affordable!

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