My favorite outings of 2017!

Hey guys! How are you all doing? Thanks for taking time out to visit my blog today!So I’m sharing my favorite outings of this year with y’all and I must say I had a hard time deciding but let’s go!

1) My visit to Nike Art Gallery:- Guyss this place is amaze balls. Honestly speaking I don’t know a lot about art but I sure love taking in the sight of good works. There’s something about art that gives me determination. Now I don’t mean the art we see all around us (cus the world itself is an artwork), rather I mean actual paintings and sculptures. Looking at paintings makes me think “oh this must have taken a lot of hardwork and dedication ” “a lot of time was invested into this” e.t.c and it makes me want to be more hardworking and dedicated to my own hustle you know? I don’t know how but yeah that happens.

Anyway back to the issue, Nike art gallery is 3 floors of total artsy goodness. There are all types of art works of different sizes by so many different people. I like how well kept the place is too, sadly a lot of other art galleries in Lagos don’t take good care of the works they exhibit so of course I noticed the neatness of the gallery. A lot of the artworks are for sale so we are advised not to touch them to avoid accidents. But we were allowed to touch some of them so I guess it was cool.Aunty Nike wasn’t there the day I went sadly. I really wish I got to meet the awesome lady everyone talks about on social media but not to worry I’d definitely be going back. Wish I had pictures to share but I switched phones and lost all my files. If you haven’t been there , you definitely should try it out and thank me later x

2) Girls night out at The Eve Restaurant :- I’m just going to say this ; I wish I could do this over and over and over and over again. So it was my sister’s birthday and she decided to do a small get together with a few of her friends , I wasn’t even meant to go but I ended up there anyway and it was so fun,actually I think that’s my favorite outing of the year. Something about the ambience made me feel so relaxed, it’s not everywhere you go to in Lagos that can give you that feeling even if the place is said to be the most exquisite restaurant (no, I’m not calling names). So yeah we settled in and had dinner, I had their club sandwich which tasted nice. We were still eating when a group of women, (more like a mob actually because they were so much ) came in and had a go at karaoke. I don’t even know how many they were or their ages (I was curious about their ages because boy those ladies were energetic!) but they were all singing, dancing and wilding out so much and they weren’t even drunk yet! And you know what they say about happiness being contagious, eventually we all joined in and were singing and dancing away. Nah that was a very great night, I’m actually having laughter fits remembering it.

The eve’s restaurant is just below escape night club so a lot of you probably know it but haven’t actually been in it, y’all need to check it out for real.

3) Food shack :- The major reason I like food shack is because you get huge portions of food for less. Guys I’m not even going to lie I’m a real foodie so you can imagine my happiness when I stumbled across their menu on Instagram and I was seeing 1k, 1k5 lool I was so glad. Like I just decided to go and over feed myself. I had plans to visit The George hotel for their hyped pizza that day but I changed my mind and went there instead. And their food was A1, if you know me you should know how much of a fries junkie I am so yeah I had fried yam, fried plantain and fries potatoes as usual along with a glass of pineapple juice. Everything was well fried no burnt slices or soft slices. The portion they served me was so much I couldn’t eat everything . Talk about eating extra for less lool pardon my foodie self. And the waiter was so funny too , I think he was actually the highlight of the day haha. Apart from the food aspect I bumped into my childhood friend so it was a really nice day. I’ve got pictures this time, scroll down.

Me grinning away while my food was being prepared.

A glimpse of my meal of the day.

4) An evening at the lagoon front restaurant :- So I was hanging out with an old friend and he brought the lagoon front restaurant up, I had never been there so we went to check it out. The lagoon front is a combination of five different restaurants or so I heard. It’s really nice and as the name implies it provides a good view of the Lagos lagoon. I like the setting of the place it’s quite different from the usual sailors’s lounge, farm city e.t.c setting and yet almost the same. It’s safe to say that the lagoon front restaurant is sailor’s lounge that schooled abroad. We already ate so we had just cocktails and their cocktail glasses are really large like I doubt anyone can actually have more than one. I couldn’t even finish mine. I really can’t remember the name of the flavor I had but my friend had “The Incredible Hulk” I remember because he was so pumped about it. Something about the place makes me like it I don’t even know what it is so yeah it’s on my list.

5) An evening at art cafe:- Y’all should already know about this as it is my last post so if you didn’t read my last post, now is a good time.

Most of you probably want this list to be longer but truth is I didn’t visit a lot of places this year and that’s because;

1) Asides being a blogger I’m a student and entrepreneur. Actually those are the things that take up my time because I’m trying to graduate with great grades whilst growing my brand .

2) My blog only just started, so the tours are only just beginning.

But hey, those are my favorite outings of the year! What are yours? Tell us in the comments section below! Where would you like me to review next? Comment below too!

Thanks for reading this guys don’t forget to like, follow me and share this post. Have a great day xx

6 thoughts on “My favorite outings of 2017!

  1. Hi Whitney, your writing style is very good. Thanks for sharing an insight to your beautiful world. I look forward to reading more of your lovely post.
    Thanks for following me name sake and Merry Christmas in advance.


  2. I don’t go out so much. I hope that’ll change in 2018. I’ll def be visiting the Food Shack. Cos a gal loves cheap food for more. 😉
    Might I suggest that you kindly put up the address to these places. Will make it easy to find for most people. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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