Review: Art Cafe

Hi everyone! Thanks for joining me today. I hope everyone is feeling as jiggy as I feel today! So on Friday my friend Eme and I decided to visit somewhere new and we stopped at art cafe. I had been hearing and seeing pictures of this place and longing to visit but somehow I never made that trip until yesterday. What can I say? It was/is worth the hype. Art cafe is actually one of the very few places in Lagos that are exactly what people say they are. Keep on reading as I tell you about the ambience, food e.t.c

Road Network/Surroundings

It is located on 282 Akin Olugbade St, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Knowing the situation of Lagos traffic after work hours, if you’re someone who doesn’t stay out late it’s advisable to go early as it’s kind of located around a high traffic zone. We went a bit late which caused us to spend about 40 more minutes than we should have spent on the journey, in traffic.

It is located close to a lot of other popular restaurants such as Nok by Alara(next stop,maybe?) The environment is generally clean with well tarred roads.


The ambience is top notch and I think that’s part of the reasons why I love it, you very well know I’m a sucker for artsy ambiences. I couldn’t get enough pictures sadly because I wasn’t in the healthiest state but here’s one I managed to get of the place where we sat below ;


We weren’t really hungry so we had a margherita pizza only. The pizza tasted like every other margherita pizza, nothing so special and the slices were rather too thin. Although we weren’t hungry, we were very much in the drinking mood so we had two glasses of cocktails each. I’ve forgotten the name of the first flavor but I know it had mint leaves in it which I didn’t really like but drank anyway. Afterwards I had the “Jamaican” cocktail which was a combination of lemon and some other fruits ( I can’t believe I don’t remember lol ). The second was way nicer than the first. I took some pictures of them, check below ;

The first glass of cocktail made from mint leaves e.t.c

Me holding the second glass, made from lemon e.t.c

Customer Service.

The customer service was very good. Maybe it was just the waiter on duty or maybe they actually have good and polite waiters but he attended to us properly and he was funny too.


There is the “happy hour” feature in which for every cocktail you buy, you get one free. This feature is only valid from 5pm-7pm on Wednesdays and Fridays.


It’s moderately priced generally. I think for food, one should budget at least N3,000 and for drinks N2500 at least. This is what we spent:-

Magherita pizza – N3000

Cocktails:- N5000 (for two glasses although we got four due to the happy hour thingy)

Total:- N8000.

So yeah guys , that’s basically all about our trip. What do you think about art cafe? Have you been there? Share your experience in the comments section!

Here are some pictures I took of myself 🙂

I’m wearing a white tube jumpsuit which my mum gifted me, a floral kimono by Kancky Nigeria (@kancky_ng on Instagram) and peach color strap heels with fur details. You can contact me for any enquiry concerning my outfit.

That’s all for today beautsss, please don’t forget to like, follow, share and stay tuned for my next Lagos tour! Have a nice day xx

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