My love-hate relationship with Lagos PT.2 (Why I hate Lagos)

Hey guys! Thanks for joining me today, hope y’all are doing good?

Today I’m going to continue on my love-hate relationship with Lagos, specifically about why I hate Lagos. Lol I know it’s hard to believe that I could ever hate Lagos but hey there are sometimes when I get so pissed at the city, I actually just want to leave. Why? Keep reading..

Reasons I “hate” Lagos.

1) The traffic situation:- O.M.G the traffic in Lagos is EPIC. Fam you can actually cry. People if you know you’re to have a meeting by 11am, you better leave your house by 8am. Don’t say Whitney didn’t warn you. Okay I might be exaggerating it a bit but trust me guys the situation can be real terrible sometimes especially in the early hours of the morning and early hours of the evening say 4pm. That’s because most people go to work and get back from work at those hours. If you’re like me and you don’t have an 9-5 job, then you better stick to going out around 11am-3pm or late at night. Trust me that’s how I combat the Lagos traffic, it’s a real battle for me. Unless I have somewhere really urgent to be, I actually wait till those hours to go out haha #winningatlife 😂.

2) The population:- Yoo this city is way too crowded. There’s always a queue it’s annoying ugh. Take a look at our markets, schools, banks e.t.c Compared to other cities, Lagos is actually pretty congested and sometimes when I crave serenity I just wish I was in some other state like Anambra which is so peaceful.

3) Crime and accident rate:- In Lagos , you have to be overly careful. Like if you’re 100% careful, you have to step it up to like 150%. For real. Due to the population, unfortunately we are forced to deal with all kinds of people which include robbers, kidnappers e.t.c Of course every location has these vices but it’s a bit more rampant here because of the population like I said. The rate of accidents is way more in Lagos than in other states as well. Lol thankfully God has been keeping me safe, but all the stories I hear make me feel tired, scared and sad.

4) Bad roads, dirty environments:- A lot of places in Lagos actually need to be worked on. Taking Yaba as an example since I school there, the oyinbo axis is extremely dirty and terrible to behold. Same as the Bariga axis, like the roads are to cry for and they are dirty also. This is just one place out of so many that are even worse. There are other places I’ve heard of that are extremely bad but I’m using the yaba axis as a case study because I’ve witnessed it. Of course there are some places that are beautiful to behold in terms of good roads and clean environments but nearly does not kill a bird. Other states are way neater than Lagos, must be as a result of the population as well, that I know but when I pass through yaba on my way to my Uni, I can’t help but not like it here.

I really hope the government does something about all of these I mentioned but let’s not forget that change begins with us. Let’s all try to encourage good sanitation, obey traffic rules and do every other thing we think can move this city forward.

What are your thoughts on this? Where do you reside and what’s your environment like? Are you doing anything to help improve your environment? How can we be of help? Please let us know in the comment section below 👇🏼.

So guys that’s all about my love-hate relationship with Lagos. If you didn’t read about why I love Lagos, you can do so in my last post. Thanks again for taking your time to read. Please don’t forget to like, follow and share! ❤️

6 thoughts on “My love-hate relationship with Lagos PT.2 (Why I hate Lagos)

  1. These just echos some of the reasons I don’t like Lagos.
    Its too populated. So many people, in a hurry on the road. Pushing you left, right and center. Biko I Kent.

    Next, traffic!!!!!!!!!!
    No words. You already know.
    Last time I was there I had to wake at 4am so I don’t get caught with traffic and miss my flight.

    I stay loving Lagos from a distance for now.

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