Welcome to my blog! Are you ready to explore Lagos with me?


Thanks for joining me! Before I kick off what this blog is really about I’d like to properly introduce myself and let you guys know a bit about the person who’s going to be taking you on awesome Lagos tours.. yeah that person is me haha x

Soo my name is Whitney Nwafor, I’m a Nigerian of course, from Anambra state. I’m 20 years old (old but not too old lol) . I’m an entrepreneur , fashion enthusiast, student and beginner tour guide. I tend to be overly serious or overly playful. There’s no in between trust me haha.

I think that’s enough information lol. As time goes on I’d be sharing more deets about myself but now let’s talk about why I started this blog

What Brought About “Whitney takes Lagos”?

Why I started this blog? Okay so I used to blog way back, about 3 years ago but I stopped because I was getting extremely busy trying to balance my life and I was unable to follow up. Shoutout to everyone who had their lives planned out at age 17, I wasn’t part. So yeah I’ve always wanted to continue writing again and I’ve had tons of people ask me to continue but I was a bit scared lol for some reason. But now the fear is gone and I’m back and better.

Why I chose Lagos as the basis of my blog?

Because Lagos is where stuff goes downnn. Lool ignore that (although it’s true but that’s not the reason I decided to write about it). Okay so I’ve decided to write about Lagos because I find it as a very entertaining place. I always want to share topics I find interesting with people and so Lagos was like the perfect topic. I find Lagos so entertaining guys you don’t even know, from the hustle, to the fashion, food, banter , every single thing lol.

Also studying a course like mine ( I study urban and regional planning in the University of Lagos by the way) has made me very interested in my surroundings , cities, places e.t.c and so I’ve decided to study Lagos. Of course I do not know everything about Lagos , despite the fact that I have this blog. But that’s exactly the point. As I’m studying it I’m going to be documenting it on here , both for myself and for anyone who finds it interesting.

And lastly I started this blog as a guide for everyone who’s striving in the Lagos creative industry, for tourists, adventure seekers, people who are artsy and people who like to know about their environment. A lot of people want to go out and have fun but they don’t even know the places to visit. Some people don’t know they can go paint balling in Lagos , kayaking, art touring, people don’t even know there are karaoke spots in Lagos. So if you’re one of those people who are trying to have some fun in this city but you don’t know how to go about it , whitney is here for youuu. Also I’m here to let you know you don’t have to break your bank to have fun, students this is for you. I know a lot of you think having fun in Lagos is expensive but no it isn’t . There are some places you can have fun for free! And if you love the luxury life, Whitney is also here to show you how to spend that money ey. And dear creatives I’m going to be sharing artsy places for you that you can draw inspiration from, inspiration is all around us you just have to see it. But if you can’t , whitney is here to throw it in your face haha. And for my dear tourists I’m going to be sharing locations, restaurant menus, night life spots etc here so stick around and you can head over to the contact page for further assistance.

So yes! That’s basically it. I’m Whitney and I’m exploring Lagos. Thanks for joining me! Don’t forget to share, like and follow for more!

Have a great evening and watch out for my next post where I talk about why I love Lagos and why I also hate Lagos. They say “we love Lagos but Lagos doesn’t love us”. Find out why in my next post! x

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