#31DayWritingChallenge (Day 13) : Something I’m excited about.

I'm totally excited about my new room. Well basically my now tidied room haha. Since I travelled in December and got back on the 6th of this month, my room has been soo tacky but I sorted it out yesterday. Now it's clean and I feel refreshed and ready to take on my new week! … Continue reading #31DayWritingChallenge (Day 13) : Something I’m excited about.

#31DayWritingChallenge (Day 12) : 5 blessings in my life.

We all have so many blessings in form of people, things e.t.c (shout out to God) but since they asked for five, I'll quickly list them: 1) Good health : I mean I fall sick every now and then but overall I'm fine and I count that as a major blessing. If you don't know … Continue reading #31DayWritingChallenge (Day 12) : 5 blessings in my life.

#31DayWritingChallenge (Day 11) : Something I always think “what if” about.

Hi guys! Sorry i missed out on yesterday's post. I'm strugglinggg with this challenge lmao! It's been the most hectic week and quite frankly it's been hard squeezing out the energy to write but we move haha. So yesterday I was meant to talk about something I always think "what if" about and this is … Continue reading #31DayWritingChallenge (Day 11) : Something I always think “what if” about.

#31DayWritingChallenge (Day 10) : Something I Feel Strongly For.

Hi guys! Today I'm meant to talk about something I feel strongly for. That means something I have a strong opinion about. Hm. That has to be the need for general improvement in Nigeria. Right now everything seems to be going wrongly. I need not go into the details of our infrastructure, economy, even the … Continue reading #31DayWritingChallenge (Day 10) : Something I Feel Strongly For.

#31DayWritingChallenge (Day 9) : Words of wisdom that speak to me.

I have soo many and these are a few: Those are some words I live by, what are yours? Have a great evening!

#31DayWritingChallenge (Day 8) : Something I Struggle With.

Hey guys! So my phone crashed again welp. Anyway I'm still going to put up my Day 8 post because I'm sort of taking this challenge seriously lol. Something I struggle with? Over thinking. I be freaking out over the littlest things sometimes and as much as I know this is bad I really can … Continue reading #31DayWritingChallenge (Day 8) : Something I Struggle With.

#31DayWritingChallenge (Day 7) : 10 songs I’m currently loving.

If you know me you know I love African music so it's no surprise that these are the songs currently in my "most played" playlist.. 1) Aka ft Kiddominant - Fela in Versace 2) Burna boy - On the low 3) Tekno - On you 4) King promise/Wizkid - Tokyo 5) Burna boy - Gbona … Continue reading #31DayWritingChallenge (Day 7) : 10 songs I’m currently loving.

#31DayWritingChallenge (Day 6) : 5 Ways To Win My Heart.

Hi guys! So I missed Day 6 of my challenge because my phone decided to be a drama queen and get faulty before I could draft my post. Anyway I've decided to put it up regardless so scroll down to read five ways you can win my heart just in case you've been wondering xo … Continue reading #31DayWritingChallenge (Day 6) : 5 Ways To Win My Heart.

#31DayWritingChallenge (Day 5) : 5 Places I would Love To Visit.

Hi guys! For today's writing challenge I'm to list 5 of my dream travel locations and here they are: 1) Bali 2) Paris 3) Spain 4) Marrakesh 5) London ..amongst so many others! I hope I get to visit any of these places asap (fingers crossed). What are your dream travel locations? Let me know … Continue reading #31DayWritingChallenge (Day 5) : 5 Places I would Love To Visit.

#31DayWritingChallenge (Day 4) : Someone Who Inspires Me.

Hi guys! It's Day 4 of my #31DayWritingChallenge and for today I'm meant to write about someone who inspires me. Well truth be told I have a lot of mentors as regards the person I'm hoping to become. Although I look up to various celebrities in respect to entrepreneurship, fashion e.t.c , I also get … Continue reading #31DayWritingChallenge (Day 4) : Someone Who Inspires Me.